Born: Wausau, WI
Founded Firm: 2012
Professional with:
Prometheus Capital
Club 9 Sports

Worthington Industries, Management Consultant
US Military, Leadership/Logistics
Tyco International, Sales

Xavier University, Williams College of Business, MBA
Alfred University, Olin School of Business, B.S. in Business


Robert R. Baynes

Rob brings forth a broad range of valuable business-development services to company owners and high level stakeholders. Rob’s ability to influence change combined with his strong knowledge base in strategy and operations make him a unique resource for his clients. He has successfully consulted with both public and privately owned companies to solve major issues, improve performance, and strengthen outcomes.

The focus of Rob’s work is on strengthening the strategy and operations of companies that embrace business growth and recognize the value of professional leadership and improvement. Rob received practical strategy and operations experience serving as a Logistics Officer with the elite 75th Ranger Regiment, Special Operations, USA. He then worked in the corporate world as management consultant for a major conglomerate, exploiting unique ways to leverage his business knowledge and strong leadership ability to solve business problems.

Rob draws upon his leadership style and vast background in operations to assess the strengths and weaknesses of businesses. He has a keen ability to get to the core issue and ask the challenging questions. Rob is a conscientious practitioner of excellent customer services. He excels at assimilating the various components of a business process, isolating deficiencies, and making appropriate recommendations to put the business on track. He will not only provide a roadmap for a successful project outcome, he will help his clients’ navigate it.

Rob seeks to have breakthrough relationships with his clients, as he gives companies the personalized attention that larger, mainstream firms either can’t or don’t provide. Rob has a passion for driving clients’ performance to higher levels so they can create enduring value for their customers and stakeholders.

Memberships & Associations





Advisors & Associates of The Strong Oak Group

Our associates and partners bring years of experience in a variety of fields allowing us to become a strong and dynamic resource for your success. Each professional associate brings a distinct skill set to our team, helping us create valuable and uniquely tailored strategic solutions with a focus on strengthening performance.


We value strong relationships with our clients, and strive to provide the highest quality of service possible to maintain those relationships. Our team embodies strength in professional character and provides unique and modern business development services that create quality value.


We hold ourselves accountable.  Our team members will always have the courage to be honest and candid when sharing opinions, ideas, and recommendations with clients and each other.  We will always show strength in character.


People and time spent with people are our most valuable resources.  Our team prides itself on working cohesively and diligently with clients to ensure we are continually improving our quality of service.  Together we bridge the gap between strategy and execution.


We are passionate about working with, and developing people and organizations. Our team enthusiastically meets with clients to effectively determine, develop, and deploy strategic solutions that endure. Our passion translates very well to practical and effective strategy for any industry.