Dynamic Strength

Strong Oak is a modern management consulting firm
dedicated to strengthening our clients’ performance.

Are you ready to stand out in your industry?


Strong Oak is proud to be a Veteran Owned Business.

Seeding Strategies

Meet your goals to grow, prosper, and stand out in the marketplace with a competent and trusted partner. Strong Oak provides powerful strategic thinking, planning, and development services that help senior organizational leadership achieve their objectives with strength.

Branching Out

Do something different, and do it with strength. From concept generation to market penetration, Strong Oak is truly a dynamic business resource helping our clients’ with the overall process of bringing new products and services to market. Benefit from a passionate team of professionals dedicated your growth and success.

Turning a New Leaf

The only thing permanent in business is change. The ability to manage and adapt to change is essential, whether you’re an individual, a team, or an organization. Transition into a future that you desire with a strong change management partner, and reap the benefits of creating a competitive advantage with at structured approach.

Roots in Re-design

Redesign and redefine the way you measure performance. Improve customer service levels and cut operational costs while maintaining focus on your objectives. Strengthen the performance of your people, processes, and technology with unique business development services that meet your needs.


Organic growth indicators typically signal the market appreciation for a company’s offerings. Growth in revenues is a key expected outcome of stronger business performance. Invest in your people and improve the measure of your future success dynamically with Strong Oak.

Advocating Acorns

Educated and inspired minds give rise to amazing possibilities. Strong Oak is passionate about building relationships with educational institutions and sharing valuable knowledge with future leaders and innovators.

Growth Strategy That Works

Our mission is to help strengthen our clients’ performance by providing innovative and strategic development services utilizing our dynamic 3D MethodologySM while serving as a strong professional extension to their organizations.


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"Strong Oak demonstrated excellence in conducting analysis, helping us find pockets of value, and streamlining our processes"

− Skip Blankley, NoBox Creatives

"I am always looking to improve and step it up a notch. Rob and Chris listened to my challenges, and provided me with awesome ideas to help me grow my business. I feel I grew even more as a professional after working with them."

− Emmet Bishop, Bishop's Training Facility

"It has been a pleasure collaborating with Strong Oak on some of our marketing campaigns and business development objectives."

− John Houseal, GIVN Brands

"Strong Oak was instrumental in helping me realize new business opportunities, and developing my strategy."

− Joe Patane, Prism Designs