Dynamic Strength

Strong Oak is a modern management consulting firm
dedicated to strengthening our clients’ performance.

Seeding Strategies

We work with hand selected start-ups seeking to grow and prosper by providing definitive direction, thought leadership, and assisted development of adaptive strategies.

Branching Out

Exploring new markets? Considering the introduction of a new product or service? Strong Oak has an extensive network of leading professionals in every industry.

Turning a New Leaf

We know how hard it is to see the forest through the trees.  Our team brings a fresh, fun, and professional perspective to companies in a way that truly makes an impact.

Roots in Re-design

We have strong methods to help companies improve customer service levels and cut operational costs significantly while maintaining focus on their objectives.


We focus  on continuous growth regardless of the economic and competitive climate, and we can help you do the same. Organic Business Development.

Advocating Acorns

We are currently working with local educational institutions to spread our expansive business knowledge into young minds, and tomorrow’s future leaders.

Growth Strategy That Works

Our mission is to help strengthen our clients’ performance by providing innovative and strategic development services utilizing our dynamic 3D Approach while serving as a strong professional extension to their organizations.


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Are You Ready To Stand Out In Your Industry?

"Strong Oak demonstrated excellence in conducting analysis, helping us find pockets of value, and streamlining our processes"

− Skip Blankley, NoBox Creatives

"I am always looking to improve and step it up a notch. Rob and Chris listened to my challenges, and provided me with awesome ideas to help me grow my business. I feel I grew even more as a professional after working with them."

− Emmet Bishop, Bishop's Training Facility

"It has been a pleasure collaborating with Strong Oak on some of our marketing campaigns and business development objectives."

− John Houseal, GIVN Brands

"Strong Oak was instrumental in helping me realize new business opportunities, and developing my strategy."

− Joe Patane, Prism Designs